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86-F Hamilton Drive, Bel Marin Keys. CA 94949


Welcome to our website

I’m Art Yee.   I founded

Excelsior Auto Clinic in

1974 after graduating from

the College of Marin Auto-

motive Technician Training

Program.   I love auto-

mobiles!   For the past 34

years, my passion has

been providing my

customers with care, service and advice that can only come from being able to fulfill one’s true passion. 

Excelsior’s mission is to optimize the durability and reliability of your vehicle so you won’t need or want to replace it. 

Along the way I’ve had opportunities to create or acquire several other related companies: the Bug Shop in 1978 which became Marin European, Swedish Auto Services, now next door at 74-D Hamilton Drive, and Art’s Parts which I sold to Car Quest last year because I prefer working on cars rather than just selling stuff made by someone else.

Excelsior’s dedication to quality, service and care for the community environment has won Excelsior an incredible loyal and vocal following of clients as well as numerous professional and community

certifications and awards, some of which you can view on this web site.

If you’ve never tried our services, please stop by.  I’d like to meet you personally and get to know your automobile.  (Sodak, our Alaskan Sled Dog, says “Hi” too.)

Awards & Certifications

Click this link for an explan-

ation of the meaning of these

awards and what Excelsior had

to do to earn and keep them.

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